• DIKOKEE: life coach and E-coach for fat people in the region of Dordrecht

    Coaching for fat people can be found anywhere. Promotion for weight loss, more exercise, healthy food: it is everywhere. But what if you are actually perfect, just the way you are right now? What if you are already DIKOKEE? My name is Annet Ruitenberg and from personal experiences, I know that happiness cannot solely be found in the few pounds you lose. For that reason, I would like to help the fat people amongst us with finding their power and their self-awareness. What I wish for you to achieve, is that you will be able to live the life you have always wanted, without any shame. I am a specialist in life- and E-coaching in Dordrecht and I am more than ready to help you.

    I am fat. What about it?

    Living the life of a fat person can be pretty hard at times. Some people, both acquaintances and strangers, will feel the need to provide you with comments. Comments you did not even ask for in the first place. Also, you cannot seem to escape from the Western obsession with ‘overweight’, read: small bus seats, the lack of nice clothes in larger sizes and so on. It is not always easy to be a fat person in this world and to keep your confidence at the same time. After years of gaining experience as a team leader and coach within a large organisation, I decided to focus myself on coaching fat people. Even if you do not consider yourself as a fat person, you are more than welcome to make use of my coaching sessions. The main goal is to regain your strength and your confidence.

    Your happiness matters

    As a lifestyle coach, I tend to focus on positive psychology. With positive psychology, the emphasis is on the way you live your life and on how you can develop your own positive energy. In general, fat people can be seen as people who live outside of the created standards, which can be hard if you are a fat person yourself. However, it also forces you to develop unique qualities to cope with your surroundings. I can help you with discovering those unique qualities and your own strengths. With my help, you will be able to live up to those qualities and strengths. You will feel more self-conscious, you will be able to get beyond the obstacles that kept you from moving forward and you will experience more happiness in your life. I got the chance to grow and develop myself and you deserve to learn and experience this as well.

    My way of coaching

    Together, we will be working on your personal issues. The focus is on making those issues concrete and finding the solutions to help you overcome those obstacles. I can help you with issues you have because you are fat or just something you want to work on as a person. Other types of issues can be discussed and treated as well. In my opinion, coaching is about customization. For that reason, I will always search for a treatment that suits you on a personal level. The coaching process consists of a free interview, which will take no more than 30 minutes, and 4 to 6 meetings. Every meeting will take approximately one hour.

    Contact information

    Would you like to know who you are dealing with, before you decide to make use of my coaching sessions? Read more about me! I am certified within the International E-coach register and I am a certified E-coach (level I). For more information about DIKOKEE, please click on this link. Would you like to know more about life coaching for fat people? Send me a message by using my contact form or call me on the following number: 085-8888629. I sincerely hope to meet you in the near future!

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